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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. I am a 52 year old male that lives in a small town called Helena in the great state of Montana. I work at the Mc Donalds right now,looking for a job in my cooking field like Foxwoods Resort and Casino. I am a cook there. I cook for over 7,000 people a day. I enjoy cooking. I have been in the cooking field ever since I started working. I have been cooking for 25 years. When I am not working I am at home playing with my computer. I am fairly new working with a computer. I enjoy all the things that I have learned so far and I enjoy learning more about my computer. I also like to go into chat rooms and chat with my old friends and I like to make new friends in chat too. I also go to the sites where I can play a few games that I have not played in a long time. I had a great girlfriend that will do any thing for me. She is a great women and i would not have, what I got now if it was not for her. I love her very much and I am glad that I met her. My Favorite Web Sites

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